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  • Stadium & Festival Approved

    You can see through Buddy Bag! Our unique macrame design allows your essential possessions to be seen easily, This eliminates the need for  a bag search, allowing you to breeze into any show or event.  Never be forced to wear clear plastic again!!

  • 100% Vegan

    Buddy Bag is 100% vegan. We do not use any animal products in the manufacturing or testing of Buddy Bag.

  • From India, With Love

    Buddy Bags are handmade in small villages outside of New Delhi, India.  By manufacturing outside of the major cities, we are able to provide jobs for people that have no means of commuting to a from work each day.  This means the world to us.  

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What is Buddy Bag?

Buddy Bag is a simple product that will impact your life in a big way.  It is a fun and practical solution for carrying your reusable water bottle, canned or bottled beverages, phones, speakers, pet supplies and wallet. Clip on your keys, sunglasses or a flashlight and you're ready to rock!

Are Buddy Bags cruelty-free?

Each Buddy Bag is hand-crafted from materials are are completely free from any animal products.

Where are they made?

All Buddy Bags are handmade in villages outside of New Delhi, not in huge automated factories.  Watch the video on the homepage to see a clip from these workshops.

How does Buddy Bag share the love?

By improving your own life when purchasing a Buddy Bag, you are giving a job to the citizens of the world that would not otherwise have these opportunities.

How long does shipping take?

We house our Buddy Bags in our Nashville fulfillment center in the USA. This means that shipping in the continental US takes only 2-3 days.